At the Denture and Implant Cottage, we ensure we deliver our utmost best in customer service and satisfaction. 

From the minute you walk in, you will receive a friendly greeting and a warm beverage. Appointments are made and we do our very best to not keep anyone waiting. We strive to deliver the same outstanding quality of care to every patient. Our denturists are specialists in the trade of denturism, and we will always find a solution to make a positive impact on your smile and denture needs. Using only the best products available on the market, we can provide a guarantee on our products for comfort, long lasting durability and a natural looking smile. We do not make cookie cutter dentures and offer them to everyone. We give careful attention to detail and deliver a uniquely tailored smile based on your facial form and lip guidelines. Tooth shades are available ranging from bleach shades to exact tooth shade matches. If you only need partial dentures, we can even create stains in the denture teeth if desired to deliver a true match to natural teeth. We do our best to ensure your smile does not look like false teeth—we want them to look like real teeth!

WHAT HAPPENS IF A DENTURE SORE OCCURS? Denture sores certainly can happen when new dentures are made. Your mouth’s tissues need time to adjust to loads in slightly different areas than where your previous dentures may have sat. As the underlying bones atrophy (shrink), often the dentures no longer contact the bony ridges, and they start to sit along the outer shelf areas. When this happens, the dentures generally become loose and usually cause soreness, but patients tend to get used to the old, worn-out dentures—despite not being able to chew properly and possibly having jaw joint pains. You need not be afraid to have a new tailored smile. We make sure you are satisfied and happy you did. When new dentures are inserted, we do our utmost to load the primary support areas to ensure less bone deterioration occurs, which is a result of wearing ill-fitting dentures. Similar to a snowshoe effect, we are covering the entire support shelf and attempting to use the outer-cheek folds and tongue space to hold the dentures in snugly. When dentures are simply resting on the bone itself, they are not able to achieve any type of suction effect. They just float or denture adhesive is needed to hold them in place. Creating a new smile using the snowshoe effect also means delivering more volume to a sunken face. It’s like a mini facelift without the need for surgery—a win/win! We take the necessary time to do any adjustments and ensure our patients can function with ease and leave our office with a genuine smile. Our office is staffed with three licensed denturists, and we are always able to deliver quality and excellent customer service because we take the time to listen to your needs and wants.

IS 2020 THE YEAR FOR YOUR NEW, TAILORED SMILE? We look forward to meeting you and working together to deliver your denture masterpiece. Our consultations are always free. Pop in and say hello to our friendly team. From all of us at the Denture and Implant Cottage, cheers to terrific health, new friendships and many smiles in 2020.


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