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Complete Denture Services in Peace River

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Are Dentures Right for You?

Smiles are often a person’s most attractive quality, but when the wear and tear of life take its toll, some smiles need professional intervention to return them to their natural beauty through full or partial dentures. We understand many people may avoid taking this step because of fear of dental experience or aversion to the look and feel of dentures. This is where the team's art, craftsmanship, compassion, and expertise at the Denture & Implant Cottage come in. With several types of dentures available, we can make your dentures look as natural as your current teeth, or we can make improvements to any imperfections you feel you have with your natural smile. It’s all up to you! Dentures can help whether you are missing a few or all of your teeth. Dentures may even improve your look, giving you a more confident smile and filling out the appearance of your face and profile. We can help change your life for the better. We offer a high degree of professionalism in a homey and relaxed atmosphere with various options offered by modern denture technology. Our dentures are made in our on-site laboratory. Your comfort and your smile are our top priority!

Dentures We Fabricate Follow These Steps:

  • New impressions of existing gum tissues situated on top of underlying bone structure.

  • Bite registration is captured to allow the placement of stone models according to your natural bite. It determines the correct vertical distance necessary between the upper and lower opposing denture or natural teeth

  • Facebow transfer record allows us to capture the relationship of your upper jaw in relation to the TMJ or Temporo-mandibular joint, a hinge that allows the open and closure of your mouth. This relationship is transferred to an articulator, which simulates your TMJ.

  • A wax try-in allows us to visualize your new dentures in your mouth while ensuring your satisfaction with your completed denture. We encourage bringing a friend or a loved one so that we can ensure your satisfaction with the appearance of your new smile. It can be a very fun appointment where we can work together and move denture teeth to customize your smile and make it unique to you. The wax try-in is processed into the acrylic using the most up-to-date technology, the Ivobase Injection System. The denture is then trimmed and polished according to your individual needs.

  • At the denture insertion appointment, we place your dentures into your mouth, ensuring that the muscle attachments are relieved accordingly on the denture bases, and we will always do small tooth surface refinements to ensure harmony and balance. We provide a snack to test out the dentures before you leave, ensuring you have no tender areas. We always guarantee our dentures and will do what it will take to ensure your satisfaction and happiness.

A comfortable and beautiful smile is only an appointment away. We invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation and discover the difference. Not all dentures are created equal!

There are several types of dentures available, and their cost varies depending on the materials used and the necessary steps needed to make them.

  • Implant-supported dentures

  • Standard or precision complete and partial dentures

  • Surgical immediate dentures

  • Temporary liners

  • Permanent relines

  • Denture repairs and polishing

  • Sports mouthguards and bruxism night guards

  • Tooth whitening kits

Economy Denture

The Economy Denture is our base option that provides the best for you within the price range. This choice provides you with a high-quality economy denture that is more than capable. All materials that are used are still the best in their class.

This option includes the basic preliminary impression, bite registration/tooth selection, wax try-in, and finish with a 1-year warranty.

This option does not include lower suction impressions, custom tray impressions, or premium or porcelain teeth options.

Big healthy smile

Economy Denture with an Upgrade

The Denture is an upgrade of our Economy Denture. The upgrade includes custom tray Impressions and an option to select premium teeth. This choice provides you with a high-quality denture that is more than capable. All materials that are used are still the best in their class.

This option includes the basic preliminary impression, custom tray impression, bite registration/optional premium tooth selection, wax try-in, and finish with a 1-year warranty.

This option does not include lower suction impressions and porcelain teeth options.

Instruments and dental hygienist checkup concept with teeth model dentures and mouth mirro

Precision Denture

The Precision Denture provides superior function and aesthetics. Every measurement taken is to assure a more precise recording, from impressions, Facebow bite recording, with an option to use porcelain teeth and a clear palate. The denture is recorded to your specific measurement to closely mimic the movements of your jaw with a Facebow Registration. As a result, your handcrafted denture will fit tighter, have increased stability, have a better function, fewer adjustments, with a more natural appearance and a smile that suits you.

This option includes preliminary impression, custom tray impression, facebow bite registration/optional premium tooth selection, wax try-in, and finish with a 5-year warranty.

Benefits of a Precision Denture:

  • Suction in the lower denture a possibility

  • Less bulky lower denture

  • Increased stability

  • Superior function to standard dentures

  • Advanced measuring techniques

  • High-quality equipment used for precise measurements

Custom Gingival Toning

Are suction dentures an option for you?

What Is a Lower Suction Denture? (SEMCD – Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture)

Does your lower (mandibular) denture lift, float or fall out? You may be a candidate for a lower suction denture!

Using very accurate measurements and new clinical techniques, we can achieve suction and stability on a lower denture. Until recently, this result has not been possible without dental implants or adhesive.

Despite the rising clinical reliance on implant therapy to treat edentulism, the vast majority of patients can only afford dentures and need practitioners who offer this important treatment option with competence. However, fewer practitioners than ever are incorporating advancements in denture fabrication into their practice. The simple 4 step “Suction Effective Mandibular Denture” technique presents a dramatic new approach to complete denture prosthetics, providing a new experience for all denture wearers.

Partial Dentures

When it comes to a partial denture, it means you have some existing natural teeth remaining but missing more than one. Partial dentures are necessary for replacing missing teeth. They are designed to help prevent natural teeth from drifting or tilting. This bracing action allows food to be chewed evenly, placing less stress on your remaining teeth; a lower partial denture also helps to stabilize an upper denture. They prevent the upper denture from dropping while biting into apples, sandwiches, and corn on the cob. They are available in cast metal to ensure strength and cleanliness as well as thermoplastic/flexible plastic acrylic if you prefer not to see metal in your mouth. The partial denture is usually retained in the mouth through clips that hug onto the natural teeth remaining. Before getting partial dentures, it is very important to have the remaining teeth checked by a dentist to confirm the remaining teeth are strong enough to support the partial denture. Due to the partial dentures’ reliance on the natural teeth for retention, partial dentures carry the risk of damaging existing teeth if the correct maintenance is not completed.

Removable Partial dentures are commonly made from acrylic or with a cast metal framework and acrylic teeth. Both options are great and have their pros and cons.

removable partial denture on white background.

Acrylic Partial Denture

  1. Increased Bulk and size

  2. Great if you are in transition towards complete denture

  3. For remaining teeth that are not deemed strong enough to support cast metal partial

Cast Metal Partial Denture

  1. Less Bulky and more rigid

  2. Great if your remaining natural teeth are strong and stable

  3. Can distribute occlusal forces more evenly on the teeth and tissue

“Rest Preparations” may be ground in by the dentist. The “Rest Preparations” well help seat the partial denture in place and can guide occlusal forces, creating less stress on your natural teeth. Both options work well depending on the needs of the client, so be sure to consult with your denturist to see what works best for you.

Dental Hygiene (cleaning) should be completed prior to your first appointment with the denturist as this impression should capture only the teeth and not any build-up on dentition to ensure an accurate fit.

Why Is It Important to Fill the Spaces When Teeth Are Missing?

Denture image

1. It prevents neighbouring and opposing natural teeth from drifting into the edentulous space and causing more issues. If you got a partial denture and stop wearing it for a period of time, you may not be able to fit the denture back into the space.

2. It can cause extra stress on remaining teeth, which can:

  • Wear down natural teeth faster

  • Chip or break natural teeth

  • Cause teeth to move and drift faster

  • Hurt your jaw

3. It can hinder one’s confidence because one may be embarrassed to smile.

A Partial denture opposing a complete upper denture will help to avoid ill-fitting upper dentures and denture rocking.

Surgical Immediate Dentures

A surgical denture is a prosthetic appliance placed in the mouth at the time of your teeth extractions. The appliance may replace single, multiple, or all of your teeth. The surgical denture will prevent excess swelling, bleeding, and infection, which are complications associated with dental extractions. The benefits of surgical dentures are that it allows you to carry on both business and social obligations with minimal interruption. We can select denture teeth similar to the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth if you choose or we can change your smile giving you that perfect smile you have always wanted. Surgical dentures are a work-in-progress/temporary solution while healing occurs, and further adjustments are part of the game- there is no way of avoiding them with the changes that occur to your jawbone.

Here at Denture & Implant Cottage, we understand that the transition into dentures can be a big and intimidating endeavor. Your dentures may feel very tight at first due to swelling and possible sutures beneath. We will schedule an appointment at our office to place a tissue conditioner (temporary liner) inside the denture to refit the tissue-bearing side of the denture to make it more comfortable to chew. These liners need to be replaced every 5-8 weeks or as required throughout the first year. Permanent relines are placed after 12 months of bone change. Understanding that we make every effort to minimize your transition by providing adjustments and aftercare.


  • Patient can carry on both business and social obligations without interruption

  • Controls bleeding and swelling

  • Protects against trauma, lessens pain and prevents irritation from the outside environment and tongue

  • Denture acts as a splint

  • Prevents loss of muscle action and tissue habits

  • Prevents possible TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

  • Can provide the client with a new smile


  • More office visits required

  • There is no opportunity to observe the anterior teeth at the try-in appointment. Therefore, the denture cannot be fully assessed.

  • Less accuracy in initial fit due to swelling. Please keep in mind that complete dentures are a removable appliance and at best will only restore 20% of your chewing function

  • There is quite a lot of guesswork involved, due to the ‘straight-in’ procedure

Following the stabilization of your oral structures, which takes between 6 months and a year, we will recommend that the temporary liner be replaced with a more permanent acrylic liner, a new denture or a fixed option such as an implant retained denture – whichever is the most appropriate for your situation. The amount of shrinkage and healing time will vary slightly from one person to another.

Implant-supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are the Mercedes Benz of dentures. Titanium dental implants are placed into the bone by a qualified dentist or surgeon. A removable or fixed precision denture is fabricated with special attachments that are fixed (therefore, not removable to the patient), or a removable type is made to simply snap on and off of the implant abutments or bar. Fixed and implant-supported dentures are the most comfortable, secure, natural-feeling dentures on the market. They provide freedom as well as confidence and help to minimize the fear of those embarrassing denture moments, such as when your denture drops while laughing or lifts while speaking. Little or no food collects under the dentures, so once again, you will be able to eat steak, raw vegetables, fresh fruit and berries without pain or discomfort. No longer will you need to apply denture adhesives. Finally, the bone mass around the implants begins to regenerate around the implants similar to when your natural teeth were present.

Portrait of smiling young woman lying in dental chair

What Are Temporary Liners

Also Known as Tissue Conditioners. As the supporting bone heals, it starts to shrink away from the dentures, creating space.

The space between dentures and your gums can cause:


Discomfort and/or sore spots

Instability and/or gagging

difficulty in chewing or getting used to dentures

possibility of cracking dentures

The temporary liner is a putty-like material that we put in the denture to fill the space which then hardens to the shape of your gums in the denture.

Why Get Temporary Liners

Liners refit the dentures, temporarily restoring:





Getting Temp. Liners can assist you in a smoother healing process and the ability to get used to wearing dentures.

When to Get Temporary Liners

1st one will be placed, usually 10 business days after the time of extractions when surgical dentures were placed. 2nd one may be required 10 weeks after the first one.

After that is up to your discretion if Dentures are:

Getting too loose

Causing discomfort or sore spots

Not stable

If Liners is breaking down

When you are using more denture adhesives than the recommended amount

Temporary Liners are only good in the denture for a maximum of 4 months

**When healing has stabilized, usually taking up to one year, the temp. liners are ground out, and a Permanent reline is put in.**

Where to Get Temporary Liners

Liners are added by your denturist at Denture & Implant Cottage

The appointments are short and you will not have to leave behind dentures

Denture relining
Soft Relining

Resilient Denture Liner - Typically Placed in a Lower Denture

Resilient Soft-Liner (also referred to as a “Molly”)

What do you do when your mandibular lower denture is loose, your supporting ridge is resorbed, and your denture is constantly causing sores? You can see if a permanent soft-liner should be added to cushion your denture! A resilient soft-liner is a permanent liner that lines the bottom of your lower denture for a more comfortable fitting surface. Resilient soft-liners are used specifically for a complete lower denture, rarely used for complete uppers or partial dentures. Soft-liners usually don’t help the looseness, but it does help the comfort level of the denture if the individual is lacking a supportive ridge or their ridge is knife-edged. It is for patients who have decreased bone quantity. This material is soft and remains soft during wear. It can last for several years and can be replaced when relining is required. For patients with sharp bony prominences or little to no bone, soft linings help cushion the denture base so that it is comfortable and easy to wear.

What Does Getting a Soft-liner Entail?

If you want a resilient liner in your current denture, you will need to come into the office in the morning for a new impression to be taken in your lower denture; the denture will be inserted in the afternoon. This process follows the same steps as a reline.

Permanent Relines

Denture sore spots are often caused by changes in the gum tissue due to bone atrophy or shrinkage. Weight loss can impact denture fit causing them to become loose. Also, medications and certain health conditions can affect denture fit causing them to feel more loose or snug during certain times of the day. Dentures may begin to feel too large and can become painful. We recommend having your dentures relines every 2 – 3 years to refit the tissue side of the dentures. One impression inside the denture is all that is needed. We will borrow your dentures for a few hours to reline and refit the tissue-bearing side.

Similar to tires on your vehicle, you need to fill them up with air. The same is true for dentures; we need to refit the tissue side so that they can perform at their best. When the tread on your tires wears down, you replace your tires. The same is also true for dentures. When the teeth wear down, they need to be replaced. We suggest replacing your dentures every 5 – 8 years.

Whether you need an adjustment, a reline, or a denture replacement; we can help. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Woman with apples

Why Reline?

  • Your bone is continuously shrinking for the rest of your life if you are missing teeth

  • When your denture starts to get loose, the movement can make the denture hard to use and if there is constant rubbing of the dentures can cause sore spots or accelerate the shrinkage of your bone

  • Relines are implemented to fill in the space of the denture and your gums that have shrunk.

  • The relined dentures will refit to your gums and will minimize the looseness and rubbing and minimize the rate of shrinkage of your bone.

  • A reline will give you a more stabilized and a better fit of the denture

  • Insurance or seniors plans partially cover a reline every 2 years

Why need reline diagram demonstration

What Relining Entails

  • Coming into the office in the morning for a new impression to be taken in your dentures

  • Leaving the dentures for half a day

  • Dentures are inserted the same day at last appointment of the day

When Should You Get a Reline

  • Relines are recommended every 2 years

  • Insurance usually partially covers relines every 2 years

  • For immediate or surgical dentures, it is highly recommended to get your 1st reline initially 6 – 12 months after insertion of dentures

  • The temporary liner is removed and replaced with acrylic

  • Could possibly be partially covered by insurance companies

Before and After Reline diagram

Where Can You Get the Reline

  • At your denturist’s office – Denture & Implant Cottage

How to Book Your Reline

  • If you had your dentures made at Denture & Implant Cottage, we will set a re-care appointment to remind you that you are due for a reline of your dentures.

You can always call the office to book an appointment for a check up if you are unsure whether you need a reline.

Denture Repairs

What do you do when your dentures break, the dentures may have broken for many different reasons. Your dentures need TLC every day, just like natural teeth do. Cleaning and maintaining your dentures are essential if you want to keep them looking and feeling good. But even with proper care, dentures may require occasional repairs, or an existing partial denture may need a tooth added to it after extraction. And that is where your denturist can help! There are many reasons that your dentures might need to be repaired, including a crack in the base, multiple fractures, a loose tooth in the denture, or a chipped tooth.

  • NEVER try to Super Glue your denture

  • Super glue can permanently ruin your dentures

  • Super glue is also not healthy to swallow as your saliva slowly dissolves it

  • Save all the pieces if any

  • Call and make an appointment at Denture & Implant Cottage

  • With our in-house lab, repairs are usually the same day.

Denture repair
Dentist holding ceramic dental bridge

Denture Polishing

We have a polishing system that is designed to remove stains and deposits and bring life back to your dentures. We offer this polishing service annually to all our patients as our way of saying thank you for choosing us.

ProForm Mouthguards

For sports enthusiasts of all ages, we offer professional ProForm Mouthguards. Available in several colours, they can be made to fit over orthodontic braces and dentures.

Gingival Staining

Pigmentation is applied to the denture base to customize your denture so that the gingival (gum) colour matches your skin tone, enhancing your natural-looking smile.


Night Guards

If you clench or grind your teeth at night, we offer custom-fit night guards to relieve facial muscle soreness and headaches related to clenching or night grinding.

Take Home Tooth Whitening Kits

If you have been dreaming of a whiter, healthier-looking smile, we offer tooth whitening kits for natural teeth. They come complete with a storage container for your custom-made trays. We offer the whitening gel at our cost, again our way of saying thank you for choosing us.


BPS® Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures

We are proudly a BPS® certified denture office that offers a wide variety of tooth selections ranging in sizes, shape, characterization and colour. BPS Dentures or Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures are a set of complete dentures which are functional and provide comfort with good aesthetics.

We process our finished dentures using the Ivobase Injection System by Ivoclar Vivodent, which continuously injects denture acrylic as the denture cures. As a result, the precision, accuracy and integrity of entire base and tooth positions are maintained. The denture becomes the most dimensionally stable and most tightly adapted hygienic dentures available on the market.

Injection process.jpg
Close up view on senior dentures


Denture & Implant Cottage is a proud supplier of these featured products:


Oxyfresh Denture Toothpaste

When you need the ultimate soothing care for your smile go with Pro Relief Dental Gel with calming chamomile and aloe. It's clinically proven to make gums happy! VISISBLE TO HERE THEN READ MORE... HELPS SOOTHE SORE GUMS – From trips to the dentist, new braces or run-ins with hot pizza slices, when your gums need instant TLC, nothing works better than our fast-acting oral gel with soothing aloe & chamomile. ULTRA-HYDRATING – No one likes to feel like their mouth is full of wool. (That’s baaad.) Seriously though, you’ll love how hydrated and happy your gums feel with our moisturizing dentist gel. PROVEN PERIO CARE – A gamechanger for home perio care, an independent clinical study showed our pro relief dental gel to reduce periodontal pocket depths by over 50% post-deep cleaning from the dentist (scaling and rootplaning -- eek). MOTHER NATURE APPROVED – Nature's natural soothers like aloe vera, spearmint leaf oil & chamomile are so fresh and pampering, it’s like a spa day for your gums. No tip required. FRESHENS TOUGH BAD BREATH – When you are dealing with some not so nice gum and tissue issues, things like your breath can be a little stinky. Our special ingredient Oxygene® actively seeks out bad breath compounds and – poof! – makes them disappear, just like magic.

Oxyfresh Denture Gel


Oxyfresh Denture Toothpaste

Like your favorite toothpaste ... but better. It's time to shake up your daily dental routine and enjoy your brushing experience and results. Want cleaner and brighter teeth? This is it. TEXT VISIBLE TO HERE THEN A READ MORE SCINARIO A BETTER TOOTHPASTE – Yeah, this isn't your mamma's toothpaste. Skip the harsh OMG burning feeling and brush better with our oh-so gentle formula that hygienists love. BRIGHTER SMILE – Seriously, our pro formula toothpaste is perfect if you want a brighter smile without harsh ingredients that can actually damage your tooth enamel. Coffee, wine and tea are no match for our awesome formula. ALL-DAY FRESH BREATH – Our exclusive bad-breath fighter Oxygene® will instantly freshen your breath ... and keep it that way all day! #Science. SUPER GENTLE – Skip the grit. We have one of the lowest abrasion ratings on the market (RDA 45). Thanks to our ultra-fine polishing ingredient calcium carbonate, our formula is guaranteed to be gentle on your enamel and delicate cosmetic work. TASTES GREAT & IT WORKS – You'll LOVE our light, fresh-mint formula. If you've tried everything else, you might as well try something that works! Trusted worldwide to gently clean teeth and just like all of Oxyfresh products, it is made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality ingredients.

Oxyfresh Denture Toothpaste


Concentrated Cleaning Power - Maximum Results, Minimum Time! Widely regarded as the best denture cleaner in the world, Renew is a Premium Denture Cleaner in a class of its own. Renew powder is a concentrated denture cleaner with a formulation much more powerful than effervescent denture tablets and powders currently on the market. This formulation allows for superior cleaning in a shorter period of time. Renew is not available in shops and is only sold by Dental Professionals.  Renews professional strength denture cleaning effectively removes: Tobacco, Iron, Plaque, Coffee, Calcium, Calculus, Tea, Tarter, and Bacteria. Renew is compatible with all normal denture materials including Acrylic, Flexible dentures, Metal dentures and *Soft Linings. *(Do not submerge the soft liner in the solution). The professional way to Easily & Hygienically Remove: Plaque & Bacteria Calculus & Tartar build-up Tea, Coffee & Tobacco Stains Eliminates Denture Odour How To Use Renew Denture Cleaner  - Thoroughly your dentures under warm water with a good quality denture brush before using Renew - Use 1-2 measures of Renew powder per denture bath filled with warm water - Stir the solution thoroughly in the denture bath until dissolved. - Immerse dentures completely and leave to soak for 15 -20 minutes. - After soaking, brush and rinse off any remaining debris before placing denture back in mouth. - Extremely stained dentures or dentures with a heavy build-up of Calculus or Tartar may require a longer soaking or overnight soaking/s

Renew Denture Cleaner

Renew Denture Cleaner


KEY FEATURES OF RENEW ORTHO & SPORT CLEANER - Dental appliance cleaner with professional strength performance and same legendary product quality as our denture cleaner - It is safe on mouth guards, sport guards, anti-snoring devices, night guards, retainers, thermal based oral appliances, Invisalign, teeth aligners and any other acrylic oral appliance - Guards your dental appliance by creating a think protective film that prevents food from sticking to it. - Guaranteed to remove: Tobacco, Plaque, Coffee, Iron, Calcium, Calculus, Tea, Tartar and Bacteria – Money Back Guarantee - Makes your dental appliance look like the day you first brought it home. - Preferred over other dental appliance cleaners such as Retainer Brite, Fresh Guard by Efferdent and CleanGuard.

Renew Ortho and Sport Cleaner for night guards, retainers, snoring devices

Renew Ortho and Sport Cleaner for night guards, retainers, snoring devices


For discomfort due to Dry Mouth! GC Dry Mouth Gel is designed to ease the symptoms of dry mouth for patients who may be suffering from impaired production of saliva due to medications, radiation treatment or diseases that can damage the salivary glands. This product provides a protective coating for teeth and oral tissue. This pleasant-tasting, sugar-free product is available in five delicious flavors (raspberry, fruit salad, mint, lemon and orange). Pleasant taste, Safe to swallow, Simple finger application, Can be used by denture wearers, children, and etc.; anyone experiencing dry mouth symptoms.

GC Dry Mouth Gel

GC Dry Mouth Gel


Blue light technology accelerates the whitening process uncovering your natural smile even quicker. Visible results in only 20 minutes. 2-8 shades in 5-7 days. Continue to brush with the provided 50 ml of home whitening gel and keep your white smile plus improve your oral health.

Take Home Tooth Whitening Kits Oxygene®

Take Home Tooth Whitening Kits

Client Experiences, Shared!

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Best Dentures Ever

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“Best dentures ever. Best fit, best look. i would recommend Denture & Implant Cottage. My upper denture that you made for me is the best fit I ever had. I have not had any issues with pressure points ánd the fit is so good. Next best, to the real thing.  I will recommend you without hesitation.  Thank You Kendall”

- Gord M.

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