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Patient Resources and Information

Denture & Implant Cottage offers complete denture services in Peace River. Check out some interesting information about dentures and dental implants. Book an appointment at our clinic today!

Clinic Forms

Complete our patient forms prior to your arrival to ensure we can get you in to see the denturist as soon as you arrive.


If you are not able to attend your appointment we would very much appreciate at least 48 hours notice.

What to Expect on First Visit

We recommend for your first visit that you arrive 15 minutes early, this will give you time to fill out our new patient forms. Alternatively, we will send you our clinic forms by text or email to complete ahead of time prior to arriving for our appointment.

The first appointment will be your consultation and it will take about a half an hour. You will meet with your Denturist, who will review your current oral health status and address any dental concerns you may have.

  • Your Denturist will then gather information in respect to your mouth and assess your current dentures if present. If it is the first time visiting our office or it has been over a year that you have visited our office the denturist may do another full or specific exam.

  • The Denturist will then develop a treatment plan – based on the information gathered intra-orally, extra-orally as well as your preferences. If necessary, referrals to other dental and/or medical specialists will be advised. A custom treatment plan is developed just for you to achieve optimal results.

  • Your treatment plan option(s) will be presented along with the costs involved with your specific treatment. At this time your Denturist will also provide you with an expected timeline for your treatment to be completed.

  • A member of our staff will send a pre-determination to your insurance to see how much coverage you may have. If you do not have insurance our staff can also help guide you to resources that may help with coverage as well.

  • During this first appointment if you choose, we can start treatment in this same appointment to get you one step closer to your new smile. Before leaving our office, we will schedule your required remaining appointments.

If you have other questions or concerns, please read our FAQs below.

What to Expect at Your Scheduled Appointments

1st appointment:

Consult/Preliminary Impressions (Economy, Upgrade & Precision Dentures)

The denturist will take a preliminary impression of the patient's mouth using generic stock trays.

Appointment duration: 1 Hour

2nd appointment

Final Impression (Upgrade & Precision Dentures Only)

The denturist will fabricate a custom tray from the preliminary impression taken at your first appointment, the final impression is taken using this custom tray. (The denturist will establish if a patient is a good candidate for a lower SEMCD "suction" impression and proceed if possible with impression).

Appointment duration: 1 - 1.5 Hours

3rd appointment

Bite/Pintrace Registration (Economy & Upgrade Dentures Only)

The Bite Registration captures the static occlusion (bite). Bite registration is captured to allow the placement of stone models according to your natural bite. It determines the correct vertical distance necessary between the upper and lower opposing denture or natural teeth.

The denturist will give advice on how to reach this position. Bite rims are contoured to provide the correct lip support and indicate future incisal edge positions, the occlusal plate, the vertical dimension and the midline. You will be selecting the tooth and shade best suited for you.

Appointment duration: 1 Hour

Facebow/Pintrace Registration (Precision Dentures Only)

The Facebow transfer records allow us to capture the relationship of your upper jaw in relation to the TMJ or temporo-mandibular joint, a hinge that allows the open and closure of your mouth. This relationship is transferred to an articulator, which simulates your TMJ and the correct anatomical position. In simpler terms, the facebow transfer establishes the relationship between the upper (maxillary) arch (teeth) and the patient’s head transferring both esthetic and functional component from the patient to the articulator in a very efficient manner. The more accurately the models replicate those components, the more efficient the denturist can be when getting back to the patient's mouth. From an occlusal and esthetic standpoint, the more closely the models translate the function, the less occlusal adjustment will need to be done after denture is inserted. You will be selecting the tooth and shade best suited for you.

Appointment duration: 1 - 1.5 Hours

4th appointment

Wax Try-in (Economy, Upgrade & Precision Dentures)

Your denturist will set up the teeth, in the desired occlusal scheme, assuring proper form and function. Once all the teeth are correctly set up in the wax, sufficient wax is added to properly support the facial muscles and create a natural-looking appearance. This is also a very important phase in the fabrication of your dentures, it is at this point you will get to see the esthetics and function of the denture and will have the opportunity to make changes if necessary.

A wax try in allows us to visualize your new dentures in your mouth while ensuring your satisfaction with your completed denture. We encourage bringing a friend or a loved one, so that we can ensure your satisfaction of the appearance of your new smile. It can be a very fun appointment where we can work together and move denture teeth to customize your smile and make it unique to you.

The wax try in is processed into the acrylic using the most up to date technology the Ivobase injection system. The denture is then trimmed and polished according to your individual needs.

Appointment duration: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

5th appointment

Finish - Denture Insert or Pick-up of Surgical Immediate Dentures (Economy, Upgrade & Precision Dentures)

At the denture insertion appointment, we place your dentures into your mouth, ensuring that the muscle attachments are relieved accordingly on the denture bases and will always do small tooth surface refinements to ensure harmony and balance. We always guarantee our dentures and will do what it will take to ensure your happiness.

We will provide a light snack to access if you have no tender areas and if any minor adjustments are required and they can be addressed before patient leaves this appointment. All dentures are processed in our lab on site using a revolutionary machine called Ivoclar Ivobase Injection System. The technology continuously injects high impact acrylic into the denture during the creation process, resulting in an astounding level of accuracy and a more hygienic, stronger denture. Each denture is hand finished and polished prior to this denture insert appointment.

Appointment duration: 15 Minutes - 1 Hour

6th appointment

Post Insertion - Surgical Immediate Dentures Only (Economy, Upgrade & Precision Dentures)

24 hours after your extractions with your dentist, the denturist will need to see you to ensure that your Surgical Immediate Dentures fit and no minor adjustments are required. You will be given a complimentary dental gel, which will aide in the healing process and make the denture more comfortable with its cooling action. We will also schedule your *complimentary Tissue Conditioner (temporary liner) and your Permanent Reline appointments. A more detailed information pamphlet will be provided for "post-operative care".

Appointment duration: 15 - 30 Minutes

Adjustment appointment can be scheduled by the patient if required.

Close-up of dentures on the table next to the hand of an elderly man

Surgical Denture Care

What to Expect Immediate Post Surgery?

During the first 24 hours, it is recommended to not remove your surgical denture. A check-up appointment will be booked in our office for the following day. At this time your denturist will remove your denture to make any necessary adjustments as well as assist you in proper removal, insertion and hygiene. A patient may need to use some form of adhesive to assist the retention for this transitional healing period until temporary liners can be placed. Our staff will schedule your required follow up appointments for post insert check and temporary liners before you leave our office with your dentures. As you will not be able to do any heavy chewing, a menu consisting of soft high-calorie foods and/or drinks such as Boost and Ensure is recommended.

Post Surgery Care

  • Rinse mouth with a warm salt water solution to promote healing

  • Rinse gently, not swishing hard

  • Expect swelling and discomfort

  • Take medication if any prescribed

  • Eat a high-calorie, soft diet

Do Not

  • Rinse with alcoholic based mouthwashes

  • Brush or pick at extraction sites

How to Care for Surgical Dentures with Temporary Liners

  • Brush Dentures with denture brush under warm running water (NOT HOT)

  • Brush with denture specific cleaners, mouth wash or dish soap

  • Never scrub too hard or use toothpaste with abrasives

  • Rinse and dry, do not soak dentures with Temp. liners in the cleaning solution

  • The Temp. liners are porous, dentures will absorb the chemicals in denture solutions

  • Keep Adhesives to a minimal

After 1 – 2 weeks of healing time, we will be placing a temporary liner called a ‘tissue conditioner’. Once the tissue is completely healed, which may take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, only then, should a processed permanent reline or new dentures be made.

Our staff will schedule a recare appointment for the permanent reline and call you 2 weeks prior to the appointment.

*During this transition, everyone heals differently, this is meant as general information and may not apply to all individuals.

Repairs – What to Do If Your Denture Crack or Breaks

The Masseter is strongest muscle in the body based on its weight. It is the facial muscle responsible for biting down, chewing and clenching. With forces like that, it is not hard to believe that a denture or the denture teeth may chip, crack, or fracture while in use. When the day comes that your denture needs repair, what do you do?

  • NEVER try to Super Glue your denture … Never!

  • Super glue can permanently ruin your dentures

  • Super glue is also not healthy to swallow as your saliva slowly dissolves it

  • Save all the pieces, if any

  • It may be a chipped tooth, broken tooth, crack or a fracture. With our in-house lab, repairs are usually completed same day.

Doctor holding dentures between fingers

How to Minimize the Possibility of Your Dentures Chipping, Cracking or Breaking

  • When cleaning your denture, always line your sink with a face cloth or fill sink with some water first. This will cushion the impact of your dentures if they slip out of your hands.

  • A denture hitting a hard surface can result in a chip or crack in your denture.

  • A partial denture hitting a hard surface can bend a clasp out of place.

  • If you have dogs, keep your dentures in a safe and secure spot when taking them out (your denture case).

  • Dogs love chewing on dentures because of the smell and the taste, because it is hard, this can cause multiple fractures, and in some cases the dog may swallow some of the pieces.

  • If you sleep with your dentures in and tend to clench or grind your teeth, it is a good idea to invest in a mouth guard to protect your dentures.

  • Keep biting down on hard foods like nuts and candies to a minimal

If You Have a Partial Denture:

  • Never bite the denture into place

  • Never grip your partials too hard, especially around clasps

  • Be careful not to drop the partial on hard surfaces, it can land on a clasp and bend it out of place.

  • Be careful the clasps don’t get snagged on a towel or cloth

Keep up with Regular Maintenance If Needed

  • Get sore spots adjusted, changing your bite to accommodate sore spots can cause misalignment and uneven forces

  • If your denture feels misaligned after inserted, make sure you contact the denturist

Be Sure to Keep up with Your Regular Recommended Scheduled Relines.

  • Biting down on a loose denture can cause a misaligned force onto the denture, which can cause the denture to chip, crack or fracture.

  • Relines are recommended every 2 years and are usually partially covered by many insurances and seniors’ programs

If Your Dentures Have Broken Before or If the Dentures Are Too Old There Is a Higher Chance of Dentures Breaking.

  • New dentures are recommended every 5 to 7 years

  • Coverage is usually partially available every 5 years by many insurance or seniors’ programs

The dentist shows on the model of the jaw how to brush the teeth with a brush

Denture Aftercare & Maintenance

Maintaining your dentures is crucial to ensure optimal function and fit and maintain great oral health.  Below is an outline of what is required for denture maintenance and also to maintain your warranty with our clinic. The time lines below are only a guide and your denturist may alter the time lines tailored to your requirements.

(patients should NOT self-adjust their dentures)

Economy Denture: 

Complimentary for 3 months in line with warranty.

Precision Denture: 

Complimentary for 1 year in line with warranty.

Appointment duration: 15 - 30 Minutes

Tissue conditioning is an effort to restore the health of the tissues of the denture foundation area after extractions for surgical Immediate denture or before master impressions are made for select patients whose dentures are very old. This is a temporary liner that should be changed out regularly (temporary liners should not be in the denture longer than 6 months, as it is a porous material).


Appointments will be scheduled accordingly at your final appointment

1 - 3 Tissue Conditioners may be required in the first year and may incur partial charge to patient and or insurance.

  • 1st appointment: scheduled 10 - 14 business days after your extractions – TC is complimentary

  • 2nd appointment: scheduled 4 - 10 weeks after your initial tissue conditioner, dependant on the # of extractions.

  • 3rd appointment: patient to call and schedule this appointment when the denture feels excessively loose and may cause gum irritation.

Appointment duration: 30 Minutes - 1 hour

Relining is resurfacing of the tissue side of a denture with a new material to fill the space that exists between the original denture contour and the altered tissue contour.

Reline appointments are all day appointments and you are required to leave your dentures with us for the entire day for processing.  The denturist will take an impression at the first appointment.  You will then return in the afternoon to have your newly relined denture(s) inserted and adjusted if required.  Diabetic patients first appointment for the impressions will be scheduled in the afternoon and the insert appointment & adjustment if required will be scheduled in the afternoon the following day.


A recare appointment is scheduled accordingly at your final appointment

Time line: 1.5 - 2 Years after insert

Appointment duration: 1 hour am/1 hour pm


A recare appointment is scheduled accordingly at your final appointment.

Time line: 1 Year after insert

Appointment duration: 1 hour am/1 hour pm


A recare appointment is scheduled accordingly at your final appointment.

Time line: 1 - 1.5 years after insert

Appointment duration: 1 hour am/1 hour pm

Rebasing is grinding off the existing acrylic on the denture and replacing new material to fill the space that exists between the original denture contour and the altered tissue contour.


Rebase appointments are all day appointments and you are required to leave your dentures with us for the entire day for processing.  The denturist will take an impression at the first appointment. You will then return in the afternoon to have your newly relined/rebased denture(s) inserted and adjusted if required.  Diabetic patients first appointment for the impressions will be scheduled in the afternoon and the insert appointment and adjustment if required will be scheduled in the afternoon the following day.


A recare appointment is scheduled accordingly at your final appointment.

Time line: As per time line above based on the type of denture.

Appointment duration: 1 hour am/1 hour pm


A recare appointment will be scheduled accordingly. 

Most insurances make allowance for denture replacement every 5 years, however there are insurances that only allow denture replacement after 8 years.  Speak with our reception for further information on eligibility for new dentures.


Our Denture warranty will be voided if dentures are not maintained in accordance with Denture & Implant Cottage policy, which includes self-adjustments.

Economy Dentures

1 Year Warranty

  • 3 month adjustments

  • 1 year breakage (excluding dropping, patient negligence, etc.)

Precision Dentures

5 Year Warranty

  • 1 year adjustments

  • 3 year breakage (excluding dropping, patient negligence, etc.)

Off Site Lab Fabricated Dentures (could include, but is not limited to Unilateral, Flexite Partials.

6 Month Warranty (excluding dropping, patient negligence, etc.)

Denture & Implant Cottage Policy

Our policy requires patients reline their dentures as part of their denture maintenance as follows:

Every 2 - 3 years for standard and precision complete dentures after the initial insert date and then every 2-3 years thereafter.

Every 1 - 1.5 years for standard and precision partial dentures & surgical dentures after the initial insert date and then every 2-3 years thereafter.

The cost of Relines and Rebases are not included in the initial denture fee and will incur a charge. 


A recare appointment will be scheduled for each patient at their final appointment for any follow up services that may be required and patients will be notified of these appointments in a timely manner.

Complete denture or full denture on blue background

What Are Suction Dentures?

Does your lower (mandibular) denture lift, float or fall out? You may be a candidate for a lower suction denture! The simple 4 step “Suction Effective Mandibular Denture” technique presents a dramatic new approach to complete denture prosthetics, providing a new experience for all denture wearers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some FAQs below. 

What Should I Expect During a Consultation?

During an initial consultation, we gather information like your medical history and insurance information, take preliminary measurements and discuss all the available treatment options.

How Often Should Dentures Be Replaced?

Changing dentures every 5 - 7 years is recommended.

How Often Should I Have My Dentures Relined?

Relines are recommended every 2 years. Relines help refit the dentures to minimize looseness and further gum shrinkage.

Why Does My Upper Denture Fit Better than My Lower Denture?

The arch of the roof of the mouth adds support to the upper dentures, while the lower gums tend to shrink quicker than the upper gums.

Does My Insurance Cover Dentures?

Yes, dentures are covered in most insurance plans depending on the specific coverage your insurance offers.

What Should I Do If My Dentures Break?

We recommend that you never try and repair your dentures yourself. Rely on professionals to fix them using the correct methods.

Why Should Dentures Be Made by Denturists?

Denturists are specially trained and experienced in the procedures specific to creating dentures and are qualified to make them.

How Do Dentures Affect How I Eat or Speak?

Dentures are prosthetics made to mimic natural teeth, so there will be a change in how you eat. Similarly with speech, initially, it may be different, but your speech will normalize with time and practice.

Why Do New Dentures Feel Different than Old Ones?

Your mouth becomes accustomed to how your old dentures feel. They may become loose over time. New dentures are fitted to your gums and may require minor adjustments initially to achieve the ideal comfort levels.

Tips for Dental Implant Surgery

Client Experiences, Shared!

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“Best dentures ever. Best fit, best look. i would recommend Denture & Implant Cottage. My upper denture that you made for me is the best fit I ever had. I have not had any issues with pressure points ánd the fit is so good. Next best, to the real thing.  I will recommend you without hesitation.  Thank You Kendall”

- Gord M.

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